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Fresh paint

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finally stopped rainin so i could paint it.

Now the grill needs it

man did it need it. winter in michigan is rough

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Looks great rcullison nice job!!
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i had to put a before pic in there
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Nice looking smoker, did you post build pics on here? ive never seen one like that, would like to see how it works and more pics if you have them?
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Nice job... I am very interested in your UDS... do you have pics/description of the build? I am assuming that you can access either rack through the side doors? and want about the fire box?
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I didnt get a single pic of the build. and yes the racks can be accessed from both doors. i originally built it to smoke salmon but it evolved into all around smoker. the distance between fire and barrel are enough that i can keep temps steady between 100 and 275 using charcoal or wood.. The fire box is actually a small kettle grill that i attached my bullet smoker to. Ive also got several s shaped hooks that allow me to put a rack about every 4 inches. Ive got a couple pics. Any more details send me a private message and ill explain

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icon_wink.gif thank you
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