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First Sourdough thanks to Bassman!

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My first batch of sourdough is in an oiled bowl sitting in a warm spot on its first rise!
Thanks to lots of help from Bassman, I got my starter going (it finally "foamed up" after about 24 hrs!). I love sourdough, so I hope it comes out should, I am following Bassmans white sourdough recipe to the "T"!
I will post qview as it progresses...
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Good for you...
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I am assuming that you are using self-rising flour ?
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Looking forward to some pics. Seems like everyone is getting into sourdough these days. It's definitely some good stuff.
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all purpose...

Bassman, THANK YOU! just took 2 round loaves out of the oven...probably should have let it cool a little more before we cut into it (cam battery dead, so no qviewPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif), is sooooo good!!! I can see this becoming a weekly event around my house!

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