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Yo smoker folks! (babyback ribs)

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Hey folks, what's been happening over the winter? I've been so busy, no time for fun, but now that spring is here, had to get cook'en again.

First smoke/cook of the year, but doing it like this...

Got a new gas grill yesterday, had to retire the 12 year old one that was literally falling apart. Haven't cleaned up the brinkman yet, and felt like an easy starter project and had to test out the new grill. Got a pretty cool gas grill at Lowes yesterday, took me from 7pm till 10pm to assemble it, egads, what a nightmare! But it works awesome so far. Played with it this morning to get how it works and now have a lazy mans rack on the top grill. (pre trimmed, pre seasoned, ready to go).

Here is the new grill, isn't it perty?

Here is how I'm set up for the ribs. Found if I removed those guard things over the gas tubes, I can set a smoker box on it, and a foil pan of water. Water is gently steaming, smoker box is gently smoking. Giving me high hopes for this setup. :)

Found if I just have one of the four burners on at it's lowest setting, I get a nice 225, way cool!

So hopefully, this will cook em up nicely, but no matter what, first use is always FUN!!!

Sorry I haven't even stopped by to see how you guys are doing, how is everyone? All the people still here from last year?

Cheers folks!
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It's too cleanicon_mrgreen.gif Gotta get it nice & smokey
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LOL, don't worry... this thing will look horrid pretty soon, I cook a lot and I'm not the tidiest person LOL
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nice setup there
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Gotta say, this kinda spoils a person, .. a cold wind came up, I turned the knob a touch, now temp is back on perfect.. If these taste as good as from the brinkman, I might be doing it the easy way like this more often!
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Thanks, looks cool... seems to work good, but the proof will be in the ribs in a few hours :)
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I started out smoking on my Char-Broil gas grill after watching Rob Rainford (License To Grill) do it for so long which is why I ultimately settled on a gas smoker (though I do still have my ECB). I think you'll like it!

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Thanks, it sure is easier!
I still will use the brinkman for that nice charcoal flavor too, but this is deluxe!
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got em foiled now, just finishing
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I wouldn't go by that therm that is on the lid as for your cooking temp. Those things are not very accurate and they are way above the meat.
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Nice looking (cheater) grill. LOL! Hope to see many qviews from that one.
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Yes, it did seem a bit off, I think it reads low
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Thanks, weather permitting, I'll be using it a lot!

The ribs did come out awesome though, I'll post the final photo later
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