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Thank you everyone.....

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Been cooking outdoors for a long long time and my whole family always comes over for monthly events held at out house. Well last night we got the UFC fight and I reheated some pulled pork I also made a beef Fatty by following the instructions in silverwolfs fatty sticky. The reviews were god but I got a real smile when I saw what my brother had posted on his facebook last night.

Pluck me! I just ate some BBQ so good my mouth went limp...then i cried. Never again will get to taste something so good for the first time.

Thank you guys for the best comment I have ever received on anything I cooked. And I am the second best cook in my house my wife is the real chef she prepared all of the stuffing for the fatty.
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Now that is a compliment. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll bet you felt like king of the hill biggrin.gif
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Only the beginning....
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^icon_wink.gif
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For me it's the looks on folks face when thet take that first bite.
Feed em once or twice more for free ,Then you got em hooked and start charging for youir services. Hmmmm , Seemws like i've heard that somewhere before.
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What a great compliment! I bet you won't barely be able to say that you're going to smoke something and he will be at your house!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Keep up the good work.
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