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Injected BRT butt for tacos w/pics

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A pig roast yesterday really got me craving doing a butt today for some tacos. I injected the small(3.5#) butt with pineaplle juice, then applied my rub. Im probably going to take this butt to about 190ish so i can chop it up for some tacos.

Later closer to supper I am going to skewer some pineapple, jalapeno, and onion and grill these for taco toppings. Also doing some tomatillo salsa on the WSM as well.



more pics later,

thanks for looking
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That sounds like it is going to be a really good taco. Cant wait to see the finish Jim
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thanks, sounded like a good combination, plus I love tacos...icon_smile.gif
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Looking good so far! smile.gif
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kind of a smoked carnita.

I like the traditional version bolied in lard alot, however it takes about a week to get the smell out of the house..
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I lived in California for a few years, and I got hooked on Carne Asada, Carnitas, and Quesadillas. Someone gave me the address of a carneceria in OKC, and I can't wait to try making up some in the MES!

I'm looking forward to seeing how your tacos turn out.
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Looking forward to the finished Qview! I also like the injection of pineapple juice...
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thanks, fresh pineapple run throught the juicer I have.

gonna take a temp reading in about 2 hours.
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butts doing its thing, gonna take a first temp reading around the 4 hour mark.

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good dinner, took the butt to about 185, then let it rest in foil. Chopped it instead of pulling it.

Also grilled up some skewers of jalapenos, onion & pineapple, really nice. Made for some good tacos.


butt chopped:

taco with smoked tomatillo salsa i made:

topped with the pineapple mix:

thanks for looking.
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nice job Jim, I love me some tacos and those look great points.gifI know I'm new to this, and I just got my gosm, but from the way you talk about the wsm, it's making me want to get one, and I'm not to far from Huntley, about a 1/2 hour for me, and in August the Weber factory sells direct to the public, I think I'll go a nd see what kinda deal I can get on a wsm icon_smile.gif
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I really like the WSM, got one as soon as I could afford one. I am a big fan of charcoal and wood burners. I had a GOSM before I got the WSM.

The WSM is a fuel miser, and just steady plus the food tastes great.. take today. The WSM has been chuccign along @ 225 for the last 9 hours, one ring of lump, and 3/4 chimney starter to get it going. Set the bottom vents about 30 minutes in and havent touched them since. Im gonna burn this load of lump out, Ill probably get 11 hours today off this ring.
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