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Smoked tomatillo salsa w-pics

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Got a bunch of stuff on the WSM today(a butt and some wings), also am doing a smoked tomatillo salsa

Halved tomatillos, halved jalapenoes, halved garlic, halved onion, halved tomatoes. Gonna smoe them until they are ready maybe 2 hours. Then toss in the food processor with some cilantro, black pepper, lime juice, and whatever else it needs.

Should be good:


on the WSM top rack with a BRT butt:

should be smoking all afternoon, ill post finished pics a little later

thanks for looking
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Your tomatillo sals sounds great. Goos to hear that someone is using such an underated veggie, I love tomatillo in salsa.
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thanks, I also really like tomatillo salsa. green and spicy..
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looks like it is going to be good!
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Looks good. Man I love salsa. Especially home made with no preservatives. Green, red, brown, pink, chartreuse, fucia, I don't care what the color is just give me a bag of chips and a jar of salsa and I am instantly your friend.
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lol, salsa is done, nice flavor, downloading pics now.

Gonna get it in the fridge as soon as it cools to ge the flavors to come together.
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veg off the smoker(about 2 hours:

added some salt, bl pepper, lime juice, and cilantro and pulsed in the food processor:

cant wait to have this spooned on a taco, and with some chips,

thanks for looking
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salsa was very good, the smoked garlic and the tomatillos really stand out. Nice kick from the whole smoke jalapenos as well. Will be even better today.

spooned on some tacos:

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tried it tonight- might have over-smoked it, wil test it in the AM

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Jim's recipe is a good one so hope yours is OKĀ 

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I don't care how old it is this recipe looks good to me.

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