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stall temp

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Are the stall temps usually around a certain temp or does that very on the piece of meat? Right now I'm at 136* and it's been in the 130's for at least 30-40 minutes
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I think the stall is generally around 160.

Just make sure your smoker temp is right and let it take whatever time it needs :)
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some people say foil at 165 and bring to 200 for pulled pork so I'm guessing 165 is right past the stall stage right?
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I had one hit its stall just after the foil, and it took a long while to creep that last 15 degrees or so to 165.

Personally, I think stalling after the foil is a good thing because you'll get more "liquid gold" in the foil at the end.
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I sure hope not.. I put in the smoke at 7:30 this morning and I need to be leaving by 5pm. It is a 6.60 lb butt..
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Ive had stalls between 135-160. It just depends on the piece of meat. Also are you sure the thermometer probe is in correctly and not near a bone? 6.6lbs should take about 10 hours to cook. 5pm will be pushing it but can be done. What temp are you cooking at?
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cooking at 250* and I am now in the foil stage and the meat is 188*
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