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1st large build...

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So, I have decided to build myself a reverse flow smoker. It is a little an the large size. Plan on building it so it can serve a dual roll as an open pit. It may go a little slow.

Here is how my smoker started out life....

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After I broke everything down, I started to tack together the firebox...

...turns out it's much bigger in real life than on paper!
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Got the bottom half of the cooker tacked together.

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Here is the lid. My bends have to be tweeked a little. Turns out it's about 3/4" wider than the cooker.

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Gonna have to build a trailer for this thing. It's gonna be HEAVY. 1/8" mild steel. So far, the 2 best parts of this build are A: It almost looks like I know what I'm doing (scarey), and B: I'm only in this project $10 to day (spool of MIG wire)!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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...had to buy a new welding helmet too. The one I had was crapping out. Had about a 1/2 second delay to darkening (that really sucks) then about 2-3 seconds before it lightened back up. So I guess you could say I am in it another $130.
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Cant wait to see this one finished. Looks great so far.
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Finally got to work on the smoker a little. Had a water pipe burst so I had to tackle that little jewel. Had to re-make the top too. The bends were too far off and to tweek them would have made it look like garbage. Would have had alot of holes to fill as well.

(pics re-posted below)

Still have to add the baffle/floor, some racks, and work on a trailer.
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Sorry, don't know why the pics are small this time. I've tried re-sizing them 3 times now and they keep ending up small...
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Re-posting pics...

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Are you opening the picture up all the way full size in pbucket before you are copying the properties of the pic?

Try that and you shouldn't have anymore size problems so long as you haven't shrunk them down too small messing with the size.

Smoker looks great man. Cool to see something that isn't barrel shaped.
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Nice work ! I like using the breaks for metal work...I am contemplating doing a octagon reverse flow sorta like yours..points.gif
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Now that things looks great so far and I cann't wait for the finish.
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OK, Here are 2 pics of the fire box opening and the opening to the cooker. The fire box is 24x18x24 and the cooker is about 48x30x30. The opening to the firebox is 16x5.5...before I get things welded together, do you think that is going to be a large enough hole?

I kinda came up with the idea of a reverse flow before I knew it actually existed. I got tired of a standard SFB and with the meat closer to the fire box getting cooked faster and the meat farther away getting cooked slower, basically cutting the area of smoker in half. I am finding out that there is alot more that goes into a RF than just the idea. I know it will work whichever way I go, but I would like it to be as efficient as possible.
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