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Trading a shoulder for mulberry

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A week or so ago hubby stumbled across an offer of a free mulberry tree. All he had to do was cut and take it. It's already seasoned. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif The woman asked what he was going to do with it and once she found out it would be used for smoking food, she hinted she would love some. So, I'm smoking two shoulders today. One for us and one as a thank you for the mulberry.

Going to use a mix of hickory and mulberry today. Playing with the vents today to see if I can get her to run a little bit lower, she likes 250-275 best. Shoulders were about 7 lbs each. Rubbed with my run as well as injected with a mix of chicken broth and my rub. They went in at 8 am. Going to throw in a fatty later as a backup plan for dinner.
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a fattie is a good back up to anything lol, good luck with the smoke
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Hmmmm, I thought it smelled good outside here, coming from the South, when I took a walk a few minutes ago!

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Mulberry doesn't seem to burn as hot as hickory. Smells real nice though. Looking forward to the taste test.

Top shoulder is at 162, bottom one is at 147. Go figure. icon_rolleyes.gif

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Looks pretty darn good so far. Im sure the lady will love it and be willing to give you mulberry anytime.
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First shoulder was done in 6 hr.

The second one is at 190, still. Hasn't budged for 3 hrs, even with getting flipped over. I did try to see if it was done by wiggling the bone, nope, not yet.

She has been patiently waiting for hours.
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Second shoulder took 11 1/2 hrs from start to cooler. Just finished pulling it now. Literally fell apart in my hands.

Can't say that I notice any difference between apple and mulberry. Next time I use it I will use it alone.
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Looks great.
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8 AM until 7:30 PM-----Was the neighbor's Beagle still waiting ???

Funny how one took almost twice as long as the other----Both look great!

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I've never had a stall like that on shoulders. If a person was cooking by time they would be fooled. Thanks for the info.. icon_wink.gif

They both look great.

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Nah, she gave up and went home about 5 pm. I did give her a sample of the first one as a reward for being such good company. biggrin.gif

Just goes to show that one piece of meat can be completely different than another. I've never had two that were that different at the same time before though. Can't say that any more though!
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LOL---Gives a whole new meaning to the words "Lucky Dog".

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