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Ok vets help with holding time on a Butt

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I generally get my butts done and they are either ate shortly after pulling or stored in the fridge. I have let them rest a while before pulling wrapped and put in the cooler for and hour or so. My question is if I pre cook to say to 205 degrees and end in the afternoon say around 10pm to 11pm wrap it with several layers of foil store in a cooler packed tight with towels will it be OK for 11 or 12 hours? I wouldn’t have to reheat the butt when I can cook it on Sunday and serve it at work on Monday (we just don’t have the facilities). Or is my time span to great? I know I have seen this on SMF before but can't find it..........Thanks
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As long as it does not go below 140 F during the hold you won't have a problem.

Although moisture loss and fiber density will suffer from a long time in that temperature range.
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bablly is correct butt I'm not sure you can keep it at 140 for 12 hours.The general rule is that these foods should be kept below 40 degrees (in the refrigerator) or above 140 degrees (hot). If it's a food that you would normally refrigerate, please don't eat it if it's been at room temp more than 2 hours.

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I would put it in the oven set at 150' till you are ready to be safe.
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If I could whats the chance of smoking the butt till foil time and then removing it foiled to the fridge and doing a reheat on the smoker in the morning till I hit my target temp? icon_question.gif Thanks for the Help.
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You have to steam it out prior to foiling. So just toss it in the refrigerator and cool it down.

If you are looking to heat fast, place apple juice in the foil prior to rethermalization. Go hotter than normal and flash the juice to steam, it will get the heat coming up fast do to its great contact time.
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Here is recent post from another memeber with about teh same quesion

Maybe will help you some
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Thanks SC That was the thread just could'nt find it. I am planning on a big pork butt cook in a week or two. I plan on giving one the test. With a wireless temp probe to see how long wrapped tight it would hold above 140. I'll post the results as a q-view with times and temps photographed. Thanks again.
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