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First fatties!

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My first fatties are on the GOSM and cooking nicely! I decided to go with American cheese and tots

Here are the prep pics:

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great job, nice weave
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I couldn't figure out what to do about the ends of the bacon so I just toothpicked 'em in.

I also was having so much fun building them that I forgot to season them at all - but then again they probably don't really need any
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nice. If you think about it everything is good in a fatty!! nice weave also.
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Lookin' GOOD.
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Looks great, I like the tator tot idea PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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lookin good, got me hungry for a fattie. I like the tooth pick idea for the ends, good job.
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Done! They turned out well - though not as magical as the brisket I made last weekend.

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I think that I had rather have the fatty than the brisket...Good job.
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Throw one of those slices on a hot buttered biscuit and go to town!! Man I gotta do another fatty! good work.
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Lookin' good! Certainly got me hungry, but I just ate. LOL!
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Great pics, looks like a professional photographer took them. Fatties look good maybe try them with thin sliced bacon or none next time and see if they don't taste better? Or fresh ingredients in it like onions will add alot
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Thanks! I'm no pro but I've got a good camera and I really try.
Here's one I took out in the desert near Phoenix a few weeks ago on vacation
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Wow! What a view. That is the only thing I like about living in Tucson, Az. The view.....(& the drunken girls chasin frat boys.)
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Great fatties ,and beautiful pics

earned points
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Mmmm... wow; that cheese melting out the end just sends it over the top! that tator tot and cheese combo will be my next one!
great job!
Excellent weave
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Thats a great pic!! i think you should take more pics like that for computer backgrounds, thats cool right there with the cactus and everything nice!! i would put them on my pc. make the resolution fill the screen.
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nice pics of the desert, and food, great job points.gif
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I did my first fattie a couple weeks or so ago too, and it is really fun to make. I have to make more next time because they just didn't last long.

btw, hope you don't mind, I just set that starry pic to my PC's background. Beautiful picture.
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Sorry to bump up my old thread here - but I have a question:

My bacon didn't get as done as it should have.

I had these in the smoker for about 3 hours and 45 minutes at 225 and then I turned the heat all the way up (I took the thermometer out to keep it from getting fried but I expect it was at 300 or more) for the last 15 minutes to try to crisp up the bacon.

At the 4 hour mark the internal temp hit 170 and I felt like I had to pull them off the smoker or risk messing up the insides - but the outside still wasn't done enough.

Has anyone else had this problem? Should I just crank the heat to max earlier next time?
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