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New rig

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Picked up the Bubba Grill rig today from Georgia. Got it burning in right now. Hope to get a few good hot fires going in it before next weekends gathering. Got it up to 325 with a couple of bags of royal oak lump as per instructions with the grates out. Let it cool to 225 and soaked the grates with oil. Trying to get it back up to around 350 with the grates in and the whole thing coated with oil from a spray bottle.. Any suggestions on the curing process are wlecome. I do like the gas assist but trying not to use it for now except to light more coals.Will try and throw a few pix's up tomorrow. Hope to get some help from the seasoned PRO'S on a bigger rig at the gathering. The rib box runns a little hotter that the rest but it is over the fire box. It does track nice going down the interstate.

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can't help u with curing it, but I can say congrats.
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Thanks. Mid life crisis. Bought a smoker instead of a Vette. I think she made outicon_wink.gif. Having a hardtime getting it real hot. No problem keeping it at 250? Pournig the wood and charcoal to it now. Dampers wide open. Kids want to do marshmellows?????????????????
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Ha ha ha ha ha......Marshmellows. Tell them they can put some meat on a stick & you can smoke that.
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Roger that cave man! I'm content with a cold one and watch it burn. Had to get the propane smell out if it where they checked the gas lines out. Going to fire again tomorrow and maybe try some leg quarters. At least there cheap. I hope for it to get a work out next weekend.
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We need pics! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Hopefully they will be there tomorrow. My wife thinks I should pay more attention to her?????????????????icon_redface.gif
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Tim - congrats on the arrival of the rig, can't wait to see it next weekend!! Roll Tide!!
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Thanks SUMO. I think I need a little hep tweaking it. Hope you guys that know better than me can help me out. Hopefully we'll be laeaving here by 2:30- 3:00. I figure about 5:15 to be there. Plenty of daylight to set the tents up. I was able to pull it @75 with no problem.
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I took the liberty to Google your rig. Not sure which one you got, but they all look pretty damn awesome! Have fun with the new purchase.
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