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New Grill

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Well i finally retired the old BBQ Grillware grill to the bulky waste dumpster and went and bought me a 5 Burner Master Forge S.S. propane Grill..after putting it together i was amazed at the bigger cook area and the fact that i can do 2 large yard birds on the rottisserre. it also has a rottisserre burner.

So far i have done 2 turkey breasts and 2 racks of BB ribs on the spit and i have to admit it was nice to have ribs after only 2.5 hours that tasted almost as good as if they were done in the smoker, but nothing beats low and slow.

Looking forward many years of service out of this thing as i love to grill as much as smoke and with summer coming it will be back to grilling thru the week and smoking on the weekend
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Congrats on the new grill, I also love to grill
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I am still using my bbq grillware, have had it around four years and the burners and deflector plates are finally rusting away, damn i liked this grill it was good to me i liked the way it cooks, not bad for 139$ i guess?
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