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drying bacon need help

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pork belly and pork loin have ben curing for 9 days taking out of refrigerator today
belly cure in tq rub. pork loin cure tq brim for cb ben turning every day
when i wash it dry it off with paper tower
(now do i air dry it. how and for how long in or out of refrigerator)
to get ready to smoke at 100 to 130 for about 4 hr
take the belly out. take the pork loin on up to int temp of 160
have i did anything wrong you can see
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If I'm doing a smaller batch I hang them in front of a fan until dry if doing a large batch I just hang them in the smoker until dry. I smoke bellies for 8-9 hours personally.
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11# belly cut in 4 piece how long to dry
8 or 9 # pork loin cut in half
thanks for help
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belly portions that size should dry in a couple hrs.the fan will speed things up as they become room temp.don't forget to also let them sit a while after!! good luck.
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Toweled mine off and left in fridge overnight. Next morning, I toweled them off again and hung them in my MES for about 45 min without smoke, while my smoker was warming up. After they were good and dry, I added smoke to them for about 6 1/2 hours on SB and almost 8 hours total on BBB.

More QView Please?


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I do mine just like TJohnson said. I don't try to dry them before smoking, because I like to start smoking first thing in the morning. If you dry them off with or without a fan in the morning, you won't be starting your smoking until later in the day. I'm not a late night smoker----Start smoking at 8 AM---done by 3 PM or 5 PM.

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