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My First Smoke and Qview

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My first Smoker

Boston Butt 8.5lbs


Off the Smoker,,,maybe left a tad bit long,,,tasted great

Partial Pull


Wife had the first sandwich...

thanks for all the help everyone..First smoke learned a lot about the smoker.
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Now that was a fine looking butt you have there Wing dude. I don't think it was smoked to long for that is a fine looking bark you have on it too. points.giffor your first smoke and there will be many more believe me.
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I remember I was very nevous when I did my first smoke. You did not give us details though. What wood did you use to smoke the butt? At what temp? How long? Did you run into issues? Was there beer involved? (Okay, that last question is paramount to the smoke. Period. biggrin.gif)
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Congrats on the first of what will be many fine smokes on that new smoker!!!
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Looks Great, it has an awesome smoke ring and looks tasty. points.gif
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Nothing bad about that. Nice looking smoke ring, bark is nice and looks moist. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome smoke
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Man you went all out with your first smoke, me and buck futta were a too worried about buying a pricey chunk of meat and killing it so we just did bacon. Looks amazing though! Bet those were some awfully tasty sandwiches.
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for your 1st smoke, that looks like you have done it a bunch. looks very good. you have learned well.

Just wondering! did you let it rest? (wrap in bath towel and let set in igloo 2 hours)

and looked liked you tried to slice it?
might suggest to set her in a pan when unfoiling, collect the juice.(LG) let set and remove the fat and add the juice back to the PP.
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wow that bark looked great, you did not leave it too long, looks good
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You shouldn't smoke in the living room...
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Details on the cook...Rubbed the meat with the soccor rub fm the vb website, thur night put it in the fridge. Put the meet on the smoker at 5 am Friday morning. Kept the temps between 230/250 with a target of 240. Smoked using charcoal and 5 hickory chunks..for 15 hrs...till temp of 190 and 8pm. Wrapped the butt in foil and set in cooler for 45 min.. Then pulled half the meat in bowl then other half in bowl. Combined both halves and juices in one big bowl. The meet was very moist and juicy. The bone literally pulled right out with a slight bit of resistance.
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Looks great, nice job, good lookin bark points.gif
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Looks awesome. Great first smoke. Looks like you have been doing it for awhile. I could go for a sammy...Some points for you....points.gif
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Well done! And I like your taste in motorcycles. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job for your first smoke. As others have said, it looks like you have been doing this a while. Congrats.
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Great job. points.gifAnd next time, do take the smoker out & smoke on the patio or in the backyard. LOL!!
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Dude, that looks AMAZING!!!
I agree with the others...it wasn't on too long AT ALL.
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My 22.5 WSM looked just like that, brand new in the living room. But now it is well seasoned and on the deck. Trust me, your smokes will get better and better on that WSM. The pulled pork looks awesome, good job. points.gif

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Hey, i gotta say for a first smoke that sure looks like a good one, like the others say nice ring and bark congrats!
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