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Well said.
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Ya i go with DDave there, 185-190 in 2 hrs, if your smoker temp is set at 500 maby but no way on that.

Ive seen to many times that a brisket put on the scale as a nascar race, who can do it the fastest, i used th creamator in the morg next door and i did my brisket in 5 min 53 sec at 1200 deg.

my best briskets is a good heavy rub on it and put it in the smoker at 205-210 range and leave it for 18+ hrs, iv had briskets hit 200 deg at 20 to 22 hrs at a temp of 200-210 range.
knowing your rubs,sauces, and such will teach you alot.
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That was based on having the same smoker. My testing with my digital thermometers is way different from the link. The middle of the English IDEAL is around 240 on mine. I meant but didn't actually specify that I meant the English IDEAL..
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That thread wasn't meant to say that ALL stock thermos are that far off. My point is that the stock themos are USUALLY off according to numerous posts and threads on this forum. So just going by IDEAL without checking it with something accurate first can really have you way off. Kudos to you for checking yours and knowing what temp IDEAL actually is. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I did not do that before I seasoned mine. Imagine the difficulty I had trying to get mine to the HOT range as the instructions called for. icon_redface.gif I warped the heck out of the stock charcoal grate.

I did find out however that the SnP IDEAL is adjustable so you can set the IDEAL pointer to be whatever your favorite smoking temp is. But since you can buy a replacement from Brinkmann for about $3, I wouldn't put a whole lot of faith in their accuracy over time.

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whew what a night....pulled her out at about 830 this morning and she is still all bundled up in towels waiting for the other dishes to be complete.... (wife is on her own schedule around here... lol) cant get camera to work for some reason so the QView wont be happening this time. I will follow up on how the taste and the like turned out.... Thanks everyone for your time in answering my stupid questions.... it was a big help!!!!! I am making a batch of the Wicked Beans, but cheated and stuck them in the oven.... will run em thru the smoker next trip..... i must admit it was a long night but i think i have started an addiction... GOOD TIMES... thanks again!!!!!
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There are no stupid questions, and I'm sure it will be fine! Now that you have one under your belt, you can change things here and there until you come up with something that is perfect for you and your family and guests.

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