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Friday night smoke

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This is tonights plan 4 butts in the WSM hickory and cherry mixed.

Out of cryovac

after my special rub[/IMG]

more to follow
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Man oh Man what did you find out you inherited alot of money. You sure are busy now you are going to smoke 4 butts too. Yu better know alot of people for all this food.
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I need to frequent this board more often to get me in the smoking spirit. I have 6 butts going in in about an hr. to be ready for a party at 3ish, going in with a mixture of apple and hickory, rubbed with brown sugar,onion powder, garlic powder, seasoned salt and ground mustard, it's gonna be a long night. I'll watch your updates, i'm to lazy to take pics.
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Hello & welcome to SMF 90xj. Why don't you head over to "Roll Call" & introduce yourself so we can give you the proper welcome you deserve.
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I'll head over there, as you can see, i've been around for awhile, But i'm more of a read and learn kind of guy so I haven't posted. Thanks for the welcome!
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nice looking booties ya have there. should keep ya fed for a while.
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