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Ok, pulled the sausage; qview link

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Looks good what percentage of meats did you end up using? How was the taste anything your gonna do different next time?
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Good looking sausage. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI especially like that "Joy" bath you gave em. (smile)
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Pineywoods, I appreciate your help from the planning to the smoking to the timing and temp.
I ended up using 50/50 and pulling it at 153. I didnt use pork fat though, I used boston butt with the fat in it. It came out still moist and flavored well. I used 2 different seasonings, Leggs and Arts #3 from Targils. I liked the Leggs more myself.
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Mighty fine lookin sausage ya got there. Told ya Piney could help you out. I'll trade ya some canadian bacon for some sausage.
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looks like you did a great job job on your sausage, i made my second batch a few months ago and i gotta tell ya i'll never pay 2.79 a pound again to have my venison made into sausage from the local butcher when we can do it at home ourselves just as well or even better.
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Yeah, Piney, yourself, and others were all helpful in this venture. And I have plenty to trade.
Thanks Eman
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That is some fine looking sausage. Your "cool shower" that these recipes calls for, looks just like mine. I've never noticed any difference between showering or just dunking them. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great, I bet the smell in that kitchen is unbelieveable! yummy biggrin.gif
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