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spare rib ideas

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Hey everyone, I was at the store picking up some steak for dinner, and found some good spare ribs. I have always done a rack of ribs in the smoker, never done the individual spare ribs. I would love to hear some ideas how you all would go about smoking these. Times, temps, marinades, Im all ears.

Also its about 4 pounds here, and im going to pick up a shoulder tommorow for some pulled pork.
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I guess i should of marked this as county style ribs.
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Anybody out there
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You can do them just as you do regular spares
or just don't foil
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Thanks piney you think 2-2-1 or the 3-2-1 which method do you prefer. Thanks for responding, I was starting to wonder if anyone was out there. All jokes aside this site is great, and my first q view post was for easter, so hopefully i will have another one coming up here shortly.
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3-2-1 would be my suggestion. Or just keep them on without foil and spritz about every hour. You can actually stick a temp probe in them just don't hit the bone. In case you didn't know those are actually pork butts cut that way you can also find them boneless. They are tasty
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Now those look like some country style rib steaks to me. I have seen them in the stores before and I have grilled them on the regular grill before. But haven't yet to do any on the smokers. I don't think that they would take very long for they are only about 1/2" thick.
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Ya thats what im wondering if the 3-2-1 method will be to long on the smoker. Im thinking i will smoke them for an hour, foil them in apple juice, and just watch the temp. I did not know that csr were just off the butt. learn something new everyday. Dont tell my grandfather i did not know this he is a pig farmer, and I should of know growing up around him and doing butchering. Well i shall experiment and see what I come up with.
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Yeah, maybe don't foil them like you would a full rack when using the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 methods. And good luck getting a therm probe in one! You'll have to use your eyeballs and instincts on this one. Rub them the same, just check them periodically for doneness. When in doubt, take a bite out of one! smile.gif
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