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Pizza on the grill

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Yes i said grill! Grilled up a pizza b/c i can so let the experiment begin!

Used Garlic chili sauce for the pizza sause, some left over jurked pulled pork w/ garlic chili sauce (a really good suprise combo) and some cheese!

Goen on the grill!

The finish:

It was spicy yet sweet. This would be good as a specialty type pizza.
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looks great. I learned the hard way a couple years ago that I should not place a pizza stone directly on the grill grates. It busted into about 20 pices about 10 minutes in.
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Looks good, been a while since I have grilled one, they usually end up on the smoker.
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Love it! Yours looks much better than my 'kit' that I threw together ... I am looking for a good dough recipe to use. I just bought a new (thicker) pizza stone, and am looking forward to some trial and error cooks!
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For as much as I love pizza, I need to throw a couple on Lala. Great looking pies, fellas. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I like your pizza and don't you always wonder how they get their pizzas so round. But I do like that Ocho rios jerk seasonings. Next time try the walkers brand it's made in Jamacia.
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Wow excellent job that had to be a good pizza
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For as many pulled pork pizza's I make in a year you'd think at least one would from the grill.

Great looking pizza
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that sounds really good
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Been grilling pies for years. In fact, out on my beach it's the only way to get fresh hot pizza!

At home we sometimes use a pizza stone and sometimes not. I like it better without, but you have to be careful you don't burn it.
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That pizza looks gooood.
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you got me ready for pizza at 8am. good job!
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The grill offers the home cook a method of getting a ripping hot oven effect of a coal fired pizza oven.

smokednarwhal, not sure why your pizza stone cracked. It should be able to handle high temperatures. The char you get from not using a stone on the grill makes it's use irrelevant unless you have a wet dough which might ooze through the grates.

I like to grill one side then flip and add topping and continue to grill.

Nice pizza autoferret and GoFish
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I have been using these rectangle shaped middle eastern type wraps i found at my local super market. I guess they would be considered a "lavash", they come in plain, wheat and flax.

They are a perfect fit for a Weber. you can set the coals up offset to one side and place 2 of these doughs on the Weber while one is over extreme heat the other is opposite side resting,

Now you do have to spin the cooking grate about every 10 seconds or the dough will burn of course. After about 3 minutes of spinning they firm up nicely and they are just so convineiant to also be small enough that you can rotate them and now have 2 of them on one side of the Weber furthest from the heat.

This is where i will toss in a chip of wood and pop the lid on for about 3-5 minutes to melt the cheese up some more and cook up the rest of the toppings a bit further.

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