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Fridge Door Inside Cover

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1 - What are acceptable metals for use on the interior panel of a door. Stainless Steel is great, but spendy and everyone I talk to in an attempt to get thwem to cut it all say its a beetch to cut.

So, what are other options? Aluminum? if so - what thickness?

I have access to the metal that (local level) dirt track racers use on their cars - anyone know if that will work?

I'm at that part in my build and kinda stuck. I dont have the ability to do it myself, and just wanting options.

2- what (and please be specific) are good options for shelving. I am leaning towards expanded metal. What metal?, how thick?, edged on all sides?, other options that work well????

I am just 10 miles from McNeilus Steel, so I could purchase pretty much anything please give me some ideas.

Thanks so much!!

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I just got the insides of my frig done today. I'am using some 16 ga black sheet iron. It was about $43.00 a sheet. Took 3 sheets, had a bit left over that I will use on another frig I have. Should be able to post some pics in a little while.
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16 ga. black steel plate will work great! I think aluminum would expand and contract at a different rate than the door steel and could create some problems.
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I got 16 ga aluminum from a friend who owns a sheetmetal business. He had some pieces left from various jobs. I got two pieces for the inside of the freezer door plus pieces bent to cover the edges where the plastic was removed and 1/8" aluminum bent at 90 degrees for shelf brackets, grand total was 30 PACK of BUDWEISER!
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16 gauge seems to be the answer ?

How about shelves/racks?
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My shelves are framed with 1"x1" x1/8" angle iron cost 20'@$9.99,4'x8' expanded metal flat is 36.99.. works great....
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Did you do that yourself or have it done somewhere? What are your shelf brackets made from - same angle iron?
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Shelf brakets

Are of same 1"x1"....welded by my neighbor.....
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