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Cover for UDS?

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Just finished my UDS and would like to cover it to keep the elements off. The lid I used is from a Weber kettle grill so I know a cover for one of those would fit but I doubt it would be long enough to cover the entire drum. Anyone covering their UDS? If so with what?
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I have seen a few guys cover theirs and I think they just went to the local hardware store or anywhere that sells grilling stuff and pick up one of those universal covers for a Weber or any grill that style. As long as it is long/tall enough it should work if its to big around the sides just wrap a bungy cord around it to hold it on there.
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I picked up mine at Home Depot for $6. I also have a Weber lid and the cover reaches all the way to the bottom.
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What kind of cover is it? For a Weber kettle grill or a generic gas grill cover?
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