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march throwdown chicken Q view

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My Ingredients

Chicken breast
Slices bacon
Basil tomato sauce
slice cheese
Ground mozzarella

Not all ingredients are on the picture icon_redface.gif

Cut the fillets into strips

Rub the strips
And put a strip of cheese between

Roll it into a sausage with bacon around, and rub again

On the smoker

Now they smoked

Back in the kitchen
Take a baking dish, pour the tomato basil sauce in it
Top with the chicken and garnish with fresh basil

Sprinkle some ground mozzarella on top

Back to the smoker

Finally finished

The known result

I still wanted to share that with you all

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i think it is a staight forward dish (that is a compliment) and with a side of angelhair would be nice with a salad and glass of wine. nic job!!!
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Looks delicious! I agree, that with a side of pasta and a glass of red would make me very happy.
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I'm there, too. Pasta, salad and red wine, or even an ice cold Peroni. This looks like a great dish for a pot luck, too.
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Love it & that bacon crisped perfectly. That's the main thing I still need to work on. Did you need to probe the chicken being cut up like that or did you just timit??
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Those Look Great Geert... Great Job... points.gif
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Great job Geert! points.gifThat dish looks great!
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I was wondering if that was yours Geert. You did something like that a while back and it also was really good. Jam up dish.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I agree but for me, add a fork. How was I gonna taste it through the monitor!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif good job done well.
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We have eaten it with pasta yum yum
Thanks for looking
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This looks AWESOME!!!! I am actually thinkin of doin this dish this weekend. So, treegje....what temps and times on this sexy clucker?



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Wow does that look good!

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Pasta? Give me a loaf of bread with that goodness




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