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Looking good.  Keep them comin.

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Two things really catch my eye.


I like the bracing on the FB door, alot.


I think the way you have made the center support for the reverse plate is great. I know its more to weld but what the heck. You did say your 16 yr old was welding most of it, so this makes for even more practice. If I would have had an opportunity like this when I was 16 I bet I wouldn't't be climbing poles for a living today. 

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Got the air inlets done today.  One is 5" and the other 6".  Both schedule 40 6" long.  The 5" will go in the firebox door and the 6" on the rear side.  Both just below grate level.  I'll cut the holes so the pipe sets inside approxamatley 1-2 inches. 







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Looking GREAT !


Keep it going,


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Got the trailer almost finished.  It's 10 gauge 3x3 tubing 2500 pound axle and 2500 pound springs.  I put the spring mounts on 2x3 angle so I could slide it back and forth to adjust tounge weight.  Just got to set the height and position.  First have to weld the axle in place add a brace and paint the bottom all with the cooker off then to a scale to get the weight.  Thats how homemades are tagged in Florida by empty weightt.  The cooker will be then set back on and welded in place. I plan on finishing the bottom of the trailer with expanded metal and have a double burner on the rear back side.  I'll put handles and final touchs on just before having the top side sand blasted for paint.


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Its looking good and I'm sure your ready to start using it!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know where you end up getting it sandblasted I may be interested in having my Lang done.

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Thanks  there is a company here in town on the east side I may call tommorow.  I was told there decent on pricing  I'll let you know what they say.  I got to do a cook Sunday night for Monday lunch at work 100+ just doing butts cause thats what they like.  I plan on cooking the GBA at Plains, Ga next weekend so a good dry run won't hurt.  

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