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gfs lump coal

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has anyone used this
the only place at this time i culd find
for the price and volumetongue.gif
and made in usa
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I have never tried it but if you are wondering, check this site out.

Good Luck.
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ive checked this site no go on gfs-gordon food service
but thx
u no what stores might carry the fire king brandtongue.gif
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GFS lump is re-badged Royal Oak. It's good stuff, I've used it many times.
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I've used it many times with no problems. RickW is correct, it is RO, private labeled.
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What RickW said, rebagged Royal Oak. Like Sears puts the Kenmore name on appliances.
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thanx to all of u for your input
boy this is a great plac efor help on smokingtongue.gif
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