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Update on ronp and 100 wishes for him

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7 P.M. PDT; I just talked to ronp again. The MD said that everything went great. He will be going home tomorrow. BUT he will be going home alone. Carol is still up in Utah and can't come back. I told him to talk to the Hospital Social Worker to get some help. This is a tough road for him; so, we need to support him. Please add to this thread to make his recovery go better.

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Thank you for the update. Ron, get back to speed we need you here, I miss your posts Yoshi Man. icon_smile.gif
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Well wishes to ya Ron. It great to hear everything went well.

If ya need anything send me a pm.
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I was very happy to get my PM from him . This place is great .
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Ron you are in our prayers. Get well soon. Your replys and comments are a blessing to us newbies that wonder if we are doing things right. You are missed.
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Ron... take it slow and follow Dr.'s orders. We will keep the Yoshida's flowing in your absence. biggrin.gif Get better bud.
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