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ecb vertical smokers

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just picked up and was wandering if any one out there has or used or even modified one.

or if there is some tips on using it.

going to do 2 whole yardbirds on sat
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im also looking for answrs on this, so if anybody's got info id apreciate it as well
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I hope your talking about this one. I don't use it but I think there are a few tips on mods. Great video for Turkey. Just check out the video. Good luck.
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so far ive drilled holes in the char bin havent used it after yet
the wheather has been terrible here going to try tommorow
to see how the temps hold and run prob going to try on chick leg quarters
to get some idea tongue.gif
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no the vertical is a box style with 2 doors lower sect for coal anwater
upper for racks tongue.gif
post #6 of 11 bad. I can't answer that as I have the Char Griller soon to be WSM. Someone with that type will be along to answer your ? soon. Good luck.
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so your not talking about this?
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no its the one about 2 next to it listed as brinkman vert square
the bullett works good to tongue.gif
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I have a rectangle double door ecb. Would definatly change fire basket that will give u a lot more heat. Homedepo sales a vegy wok that fits the rails perfect. Once u do that after a couple long smokes ull notice so much air comes in through the doors ull run around 300*. Ull need to get a thermometer. Look for a gasket for oven to seal door. And start saving for new smoker. That thing is a headache after the first 2 hours every hour u will need to refill water bowl.
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Smokenleo I hope those holes are about 3/8 inch so ur ash will fall through. Like caveman I bought a wsm on the 2nd and now waiting for it to come in. Don't trust ur thermometer mine is off by atleast 50* lower than actual temp.
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bottom holes are 3/8 about 9 of em
then on the sides left and right 1/4 6 on eachtongue.gif
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