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Lowes has the charcoal gourmet at $59 and I believe they will ship it.
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now the brinkman im not worried about. i can just get those when i get out there. the only thing id worry about wanting to do only very soon would be that charboroil, because that may run out.

im gonna make my decision within the next couple of days as to whether or not to by the charbroil and then i just do it.

thing is, 3 days ago i was set on the ECB, so my mind may change on the charbroil as well. because of that, im trying to look around as much as possible to see all of my options before i settle on it. but as of now, that charbroil's lookin good
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just in case anybody wanted to know i just purchased the charbroil double chef (this one)

special thanks to wmarkw for the tip

also for anybody using this thread for their own search, i called over there and there are only 27 double chefs left, so get em while they last
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You're welcome jjw! Any questions let me know.
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You won't regret it they are wonderful. I just smoked 5 fatties last night and they turned out great, held 225 for over 5 hours with the charcoal basket half full
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with the basket modification though, right?
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Yes I have modded my charcoal basket
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