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¿Water pan type question?

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So was thinking when I cook ribs without smoking of course I have the water pan in there still. I was thinking has anyone has tried adding anything to the water pan itself? I thought about cutting up an apple in to small chunks and letting them cook in the water and seeing if that affects the ribs at all. Any thoughts on this?
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Different people try different things & post them here. Try it & add your thoughts & qview. Some people use beer, rum, apple juice, etc. It is basically a free for all as your taste buds are the deciding factor. Let us know what happens. As a side note, in your grill type, you could put your coals or lump on one side of your grill, add some wood chunks as close to the fire as possible & put your meat on the other side of the grill without the fire to get some smokey flavor that way until you get your SFB. Good luck with the apple chunks.
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Yea people put a wide variety of stuff in their water pan. Some say it helps flavor some say it doesn't. I have not tried it yet but should just to see what happens.
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Ive used beer, juice, also tossed some extra hot peppers, onions and heads of garlic in there. At the very least the smoker kicks out some sweet smelling tbs with items other than water in the pan..
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I usually use apple juice or an apple juice and Capt. Morgan's spiced rum mixture when I do pork. I also use the apple juice and rum as a spritz.icon_smile.gif

I usually use beer (dark) and beef broth or beef broth and onions when I do beef.
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