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March Throwdown Winners

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The winner of the March throwdown is.......
Richoso1 with his Chile relleno stuffed Chicken Cordon Bleu with a chorizo and pepper jack cheese sauce

The winner of the peoples choice poll is.......
ChefRob with his Smoked tikka hen, smoked onion/mushroom basmati rice, smoked curried garlic hummus and naan

Congratulations to you both!

Here are the judges votes.

1. Kozmo 35
2. Grillin all day 31
3. XJcamaro 35
4. rogue212005 35
5. MiamiRick 47
6. Travcoman45 45
7. Fourthwind 31
8. Werdwolf 54
9. Meateater 62
10. Richoso1 71
11. JimWalter73 42
12. Treegje 35
13. Dyce51 41
14. Mballi3011 49
15. ChefRob 63

Thank You to everyone who entered, this was IMHO our best throwdown yet.

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Good Job Everyone!
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Congratulations goes out there to RichO and chef Rob you guys really did some really fine dishes and they looked yummy too. But I'm gonna keep on trying and one day I'll beat you two. So just keep an eye out over your shoulder cause I will be there. Congrats again to both of you.
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Next time im not going to submit early in the month, the suspense kills me. I hope to have something real good for this sandwhich thing, i got a good one in mind.

Oh, and this is fun! When i tell people that i do this online they laugh, oh well!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif!!! Congrats Rich!!! Now, give up that recipe pal. It is all good. icon_wink.gificon_wink.gif
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Wow Rich!!! that looks awesome! Congrats!
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The throwdown entries get better and better each month!!! Congrats to all, especially the winners!
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Congrats to the winner! Great looking dishes everyone.
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nice job rich! and to all of the other entries you all are stepping up yer game.....well done and congrats to everyone!
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Awesome work everyone, I like the way you all are posting your recipes!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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2 thumbs up for ya

Congrats ChefRob, and Richoso1 on your winning, and congrats to all the participants!!!
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Congrats Everyone. I'm ready to go out and try some of these.
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