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What size is your favorite butt? - Page 2


  • 7% (9)
  • 18% (22)
    7 POUNDS
  • 43% (50)
    8 POUNDS
  • 30% (35)
116 Total Votes  
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My wife said that I like hers and I can't look at that picture any more...icon_redface.gif
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As long as when I rub it, it doesn't slap me, I'll smoke it.
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I like to do 7-8 pounders for family use-but then when I'm smoking butts for a family gathering I have 3 or 4 of them going. They smoke up quicker that going with a couple of huge butts. I saw one last week that was close to 12 lbs.!! Too big for family use-now if I was catering for a larger group than the family, I'd probably use one that big.
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I'll go for 9# or larger just for the fact that I have more left over to use the foodsaver & freeze for a rainy day. icon_smile.gif
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Yup, that's about as perfect as a "butt" could be!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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I'm with Got14you but as for something I can throw in the smoker. I have to have them small. This was a family of eight but all has moved out except one.
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I like the larger bone in butts., I am not too worried about how long they take vs a smaller butt, long smokes is what makes bbq great.

Just my opinion, but the picture posted upthread of that attrative young lady is kind of inappropriate for SMF imho. This is a family site(bbq is about family in my world), my 3 y.o. daughter likes to look at the site because she likes the pig logo, and some folks avatars, I wouldnt want her to see this thread and that pic. Now I like pretty girls as much as the next guy, I just dont think a picture like that belongs here. Just my opinion, so go ahead and flame away at me. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Small and Tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have not smoked a butt yet. But I have been banned and not by Jeff.icon_mrgreen.gif

Poor me back in 2 weeks.
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I have a 9 year old, gonna be 10 in May. Of course I like the pic but I am not going to knock you for your convictions. Speak your mind Jim because the moment we can't, this site becomes dull & boring.
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for sure, Im no prude, I just think there is a time and a place.

its all good.

plenty of wholesome threads my daughter can look over my shoulder at. I have to say gain she really likes the pig with the offset smoker logo alot.
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Okay....dont' take this the wrong way 'cause I am not giving you my normal hard time about it..........but.....um.......it ain't a Weber. The only reason I am bringing this up is because my B-day is next week & I am getting the 22.5 Smoker & the 22.5 Kettle! Woo - Hoo!!! Next Friday can't get here quick enough!!!!!!!!!icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Usually if i'm going to fire up the smoker i have the time to smoke . So i allways go for bigger. might as well get maximum meat in the freezer for my time.
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So what kind of wood would you use to smoke it?biggrin.gif
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So what kind of wood would you use to smoke it?
Hard Wood..... of course!
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Morning wood? tongue.gif
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Hmmmm, maybe "Kitty" Willow??icon_redface.gif

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Let's keep this topic clean please, this is a family oriented forum after all. If needs be, I will delete the picture and those replies that are not appropriate to the original intent of this thread or SMF. If the crude behavior continues, this thread will be locked down and/or deleted.
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I buy the cryo-vac 2 pack and they are about 12lb to 14lbs so about 6 to 7 lb. each..I smoke both and Have some to vac pack and some to share with some a neighbor shut-ins ( she dont drive and live alone...shop and pick up meds and Dr visits) sorta like my own extended family, ...She likes the smoke meat and I like to listen to the old stories,,
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