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How much to make?

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I'm going away paintballin' with the guys (BOOYAA!!! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif) for the weekend & want to make up a couple fatties for one of the breakfasts. My questions are:

How much to make (10 guys)?

What to put in them? (I was thinking maple sausage: w/ homefries, eggs, cheddar & bacon in one & eggs & veggies in the other???)

Help me out fellas! Thanks in advance!
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OH I would say you should make about 3 of them but that depends on how big you make them. If they are big then 3 if they are small ones then 4. Your fillings sound great go with it.
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I think 3-4 would also be good.
Depending on what sort of home fries you might want to think about that one.
If they are actual cubed taters then it should be fine but if they are like the frozen things you get at the store that are more like hashbrowns they could get pretty soggy sitting around.
Sounds like some good fillings for good times.
You could also take some pre baked biscuits and have them served on those or even make a sausage gravy out of a smoked unfilled fattie crumbled up, that stuff is goooood!
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I agree with theses guys 3-4 maybe. I do know that they are very filling and will make everyone really happy too. Now if you plan on serving them for breakfast then I would go with your normal breakfast foods. Eggs, cheeses, waffles, hash-browns, heck anything you can dream up. Now I would almost say that you should serve them for lunch when everyone has built up a appetite and need to fill it. thenyou can fill them with a whole aray of fillings. The sky is the limit.
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i say to make four up but do one extra spicy with jalapenos and chili sauce, give it to your opponent that day and then watch the fun as he eats it
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I too agree with the 4 count and maybe one of them can be with some kind of chorizo, beans and eggs and cheese.
Also if you are using eggs be careful not to add any milk or water to the eggs or they tend to get runny and throw off too much liquid inside
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I would just do a double Bucket full
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OK, I was thinking just diced potatoes for the homefries, maybe even just getting some of those Simply Potatoes (par boiled already cut up), so no frozen.

As for the hot & spicy, I don't think I'd wish that on anyone....we'll only have port-o-potties!

And the chorizo...that's a little tough to come by here in NY, but sounds really good. I'll look for it!

Thanks for ALL the tips guys!
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