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Smoked my first fatty (4/3/2010)

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Hi guys,

After I found out about the Bacon Explosion last year, I've been wanting to smoke one. With a little research, I found this site and found out about the real fatties. I tried my first one Saturday. Lemme just say that this thing is heaven on Earth!

I used 1 lb of thick cut bacon for the lattice (big thanks to my fiancée for weaving this; i tried and failed) and 1 lb each of mild and hot breakfast sausage. It was filled with sautéed green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and some colby jack cheese.

It went on my ECB for just under 3 hours using mesquite chunks. The end result was just amazing, and I have plans for future fatties already!

-- B

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Nice looking fattie there!! Nice Qview also!
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nice lookin fatty, good job points.gif
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very good looking fattie points.giffor your first
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Now that there is a great looking fattie. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Welcome to SMF Branson. Why don't you stop over in "Roll Call" & tell us about yourself so that we call give you a nice warm welcome.
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I have done fatties before but my bacon weave stunk, It looks like you did an excellent job, and your fiance did good also. points.gif
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Thanks everyone. The bacon weave was all her. I started and she took over shortly. I was making a mess of it. The fatty was delicious. I wished I'd made a couple... There's sure to be more in coming weeks.
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Be careful- they are addicting. Ive been smoking fatties every weekend for the last 2 months since I first saw them on here. I still havent done a weave that looked that pretty.
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Also, if your fiancee is already helping you to smoke, marry her NOW!!!

I'll bet your doctor is very upset with you!! icon_wink.gif
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That is a great job....
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I just bumped my head on the monitor, thought it was dinner! Nice job and nice smoke ring, ya sure this is your first?
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Dude, You Hit The Ground Running!
Points for a Great Looking Fatty points.gif


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Wow excellent job that had to be good points.gif
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I just ate, and that fattie still looks GREAT. Very NICE!!!!!
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