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Keeping meat hot

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Anyone ever put their PP in a slow cooker after they finished smoking it to keep it above the danger zone for an extended period of time?
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Explain extended hours.....
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Extended hours: like 6 hours
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I never put my PP in...wait a minute...pulled pork! Aha...!

Uhm, no. I wrap it in foil, then in a couple of towels and toss it in a cooler. Even after a couple of hours there's steam rising!
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Well....I would try to not pull it, wrapped in several layers of foil, wrap in a bunch of towels and put into a cooler and make sure you dont open it. I think 6hours could be pushing it a bit..

If you pull it and try crock pot methods seems it could dry out because of over cooking...

Whats your plan? Are you traveling 6 hours or why is it you need to keep it this long??????

How much are you talking about? Is it big pork butt or small?
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A heating pad in the cooler also helps keep the temp up without really cooking it. If you are traveling by car, a heated cooler or an inverter will help out too.
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yea thats what I am going to do too. okay so here is the break down
when meat is done and warped in foil, wrap in towels and put in ice chest while I sleep, then get up and go to work then I was thinking of putting the meat in the slow cooker while at work for maybe 6 hours tell around lunch time and then serve no way of cooking it or reheating it at work but I can use the slow cooker. to keep warm. sorry if this is confusing im exhausted
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2 boneless butts from costco 17lbs
I dont think I will take it all to work, Im guessing that the meat will be out of the smoker for at least 12 hours before serving.
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Here's what I did once..

Smoked the butt on Saturday, pulled it Saturday night after it rested a few hours in the cooler, still quite hot. Bagged in ziplocs and kept in fridge till Monday morning. Got to work at 7:00 AM, put it in my crock pot, poured a can of chicken broth in, stirred really good and heated on low until lunch. Perfect eating temp, everyone was begging for more. It was incredibly moist, but didn't soak the buns (made sandwiches).

Hope this helps.
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I take mine out of the freezer all the time and put it in the crock pot to reheat it. Put a little BBQ sauce and maybe some finishing sauce in the crock pot and let it buck. I like to put in in my crock pot that has the high, low, warm switch that way it doesn't make it too dry. Just start it on low and then once it is warm put it on the warm setting. But when in a hurry I have put it on high for an hour or so to get it up to temp then put it down on warm.
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What 5Lakes said.... If you save all the juices in the foil you can add those instead of chicken broth.
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So still haven't figured out what I am going to do for sure but the meat with the juices sounds good in the crock pot.

So here are some pic's of the process today. I will put some up of the smoke tomorrow.

Here is the meat 2 pork butts 18 lbs boneless from costco

All lathered with mustard

Covered in "Jeff's Naked Rib Rub" Recipe

All warped up for a nap in the fridge for the night "funny I did one with a ziplock bag and one with plastic wrap I was trying to be lazy but one wouldn't fit in a ziplock

This is my nephew who was helping me the whole time he loved the feel of the meat he said it was fun to play with. HAHA

More pics will come tomorrow as I will be smoking on some hickory :-) cant wait.
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Your nephew sounds like a future member. LOL. Love that "Palmolive Rub" thing going on in the background. What do you use that on? Smoking grease? (Sorry, felt I was on a roll. Chuckle.) Your meat looks good. Looking forward to the next qview of the smoke.
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