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question on thermos for a newbie

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Hi, I am a true newbie regarding sfb smoking and want to get a wireless thermo for monitoring the internal temp of the meat. I am pretty comfortable with regulating my temps on the smoker. Plus the lid is big and heavy and dont want any wires hanging out.

I am after a device I can insert into the meat and wirelessly monitor the internal temp of my beef or pork, etc while I am smoking... What do I want to look at? thanks!
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I use the ET-73, but you still have the wire going from the probe to the transmitter. Maybe you can thread it through a vent or wrap the wire in foil?
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The Maverick ET-73 is a pretty good solution - I use one myself. Sometimes though, I loose connectivity between the base and remote units.

You might want to have a look at this thread that addresses wireless distance challenges with the ET-73
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Thanks mm.....
I have a 16" Horizon, I guess I could run the wire out through the grease drain on the bottom if the wire was long enough... do they make one that is all wireless though? I am looking for the easiest solution.
Sorry to be so green, this technology is pretty new to me, thanks!
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The wire's only around 3' long, so that may not work. I've never seen any that have the transmitter built into the probe, so I don't know if such a thing exists.
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I echo mythmaster. Everything that I've seen uses wires and the receiver is wireless. I also use the Maverick ET#73.
Some have drilled small holes through the wall of the smoke chamber. Fished the probe wires through it, that way the lid isn't pinching down on the wires.
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Thanks, what are some that I should look at that have a long wire? I will need to run it along the bottom, out the drain hole and then up to the rack. Thanks!
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I'm not sure if there are any with "longer" wires then your standard maverick therm.
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Now I have several thermo meters and I didn't like the fact of closing the door on them so I just drilled a small hole into the side of the smoker and run the wire thur that. It's too small to lose any heat and it protects the wire to. I just that the devises inside after I'm done with them.
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hey, what is that on the bottom right of your signature, that looks like all kinds of bacon goodness... ?? I am dying to find out out about THAT!!
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Thanks mballi, I thought about that as well. If one came with like a 3' or 4' wire, I would be fine. But if they are a lot shorter, I will have to drill a small hole I think....
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Look in the Fattie section of the forum.
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Here is my thread on the fattie that you are wondering about..
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