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Free Cheese

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Found this on slickdeals and thought I would pass it along.

Fill out form and get a coupon for free goat cheese. Being fellow foodies I thought someone here might enjoy.
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Thanks for the link.
Deal is still active too, just fill out some info and they will send you some free goat cheese.
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Am I slow, or have they changed the offer to a free book?
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Says free goat cheese, look at the pic on the bottom left of the page.
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OK now I know I'm going crazy, all I see at the pic on the bottom left is "fresh" goat cheese. PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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I have never had goat cheese, thought this might be a way to try it, but it ask for a valid upc code. oh well.
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Derp, guess I'm the one going crazy, it does say "Fresh" and not free...icon_redface.gif

I do believe the form is still for free cheese, if you click the terms and conditions button they say they will send a coupon for a free thing of their cheese.
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If you have never had goat cheese you are in for a treat. I love food and goat cheese is excellent.
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I don't see it??
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upc chavrie 7055170053 just worked for me mods if this violates any rules please remove
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Darn! They don't ship to Canadaicon_neutral.gif
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Thanks, that worked.
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Thanks for the cheese link and UPC!
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Thanks for the info everyone. I've wanted to try goat cheese. Here's my chance and for free.
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