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So, since I had a free rack on the ProQ's maiden voyage this weekend, I decided to try pastrami after reading some threads about using corned beef. Since I had some in the freezer, I figured what the heck?

Soaked it in water overnight. Changed water a couple of times. Hit it heavy in the morning with black pepper and coriander, threw it on the top rack.

So, since I was using 3-2-1 on the ribs, this thing sat in there about 6 hours at around 225. I can't remember how much it weighed - maybe 3 pounds or so? So as the ribs were finishing, the internal temp on the corned beef had only gotten up to 165. Not wanting to add more fuel, I figured that was close enough. Pulled it, wrapped in tinfoil and let it cool completely. I think maybe I should have let it keep going. End result, looks good, tastes great, not very tender. Sliced it as thin as I could by hand. It really tastes awesome, but just not as tender as I would have liked. Should I have let it keep going? I think it had plateau'd and its hard to say how much longer it would have had to be in there, to get to 185-195.

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You have some really good sandwich meat there. Now that one of the things the wife says we cann't run out of in the freeze. You did a great job on it and I would take it to alittle higher next time too.
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Looks good really like the color...
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Yes, a bit higher on the internal temp would have helped. It depends on the piece of meat but typically around 180 to 190 will give you tender Strami. Still looked good though. Might try and slice it thin, and poach in some broth for a Aujus strami sammi.. yummmmm.
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