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pulled pork for later..

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OK i have a ? about pulled pork. as anyone tried this.. if i was to put a Boston butt on my smoker for say 5 hours get some good smoke to it than let it cool and put in freezer than on a later date put it in the oven to finish it to be pulled can this be done.. Why i ask is my mom live is a old folks home and loves my smoked pulled pork and ask me if this could be done then she could take one out of freezer finish it in the oven. If this can be done what temp would you cook it to now after it being froze would you just keep checking it intill it pulls easy? thank you all for your time smf has been a great help to me..
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I would finish it completely and pull it then freeze it. This is wha I do and is very good when reheated...I dont think I woud go the route suggested
post #3 of 13 might not even be safe for consumption if brought into the danger zone twice, not being fully cooked the first time around.

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ok thank you i will cook it all the way. what is the best way to reheat it oven/crock pot?
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Crock pot works very good if your doing a bunch. I use the microwave for it alot but crockpot probably the bst if your doing large amount
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it will be about 7 pounds. have your tried this do you no how long it takes for it to heat up if crock pot is on low setting.
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What we do is after pulling we vacuum seal meal portion size bags. When we want to reheat it for a small amount we use an electric rice steamer it keeps it nice and juicy. If we are reheating a large amount we use an aluminum disposable roasting pan and put the meat in it add some finishing sauce or a little apple juice foil the top and put in the oven at about 250 till hot. We always keep some in the freezer for quick meals
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Not sure on time but is not very long. Add a little liquid such as apple juice or just some water...doesnt atke much

Jerry has given you some awesome advise here. I just started using the vaccum sealer myself. Havent heated any Pulled Pork form them yet but read to put into boiling water with bag still sealed...Aluminum pan would also work great..many options my friend...
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I do it all the time. Smoke it freeze it and then thew it and then steam it hot. It will turn out really good and moist too. It's the steam heat that does it so well.
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Thank you all for your time and help. I think i will have to get a steamer now. lol
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all good advice here.........i vacuseal and just reheat small amounts in a small pot with a little water or in a crock with very little water for larger amounts and have had great results.
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What is an oven? icon_rolleyes.gif
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If you check stores like Target or Walmart you can find a decent electric rice steamer for like 20-25 bucks and that should work very well for your mother and she won't even have to mess with the oven to heat it makes it very easy and less mess. The steamer is nice for reheating about all Q keeps it very moist
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