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First Smoke Since I Got Out Of Jail - Pastramies W/Qview

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Jail being the houseicon_mrgreen.gif. It was 75' and decided to smoke 2 pastramies and set up my computer on the patio.

All ready and relaxing and smelling the TBS.


I used the spice packs that came with it.

In the MES.

We are smoking!
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I know they will turn out great, I ate the last of my pastrami thur. nice view yo have btw
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Dang..Had to read with a title like that! LOL

Are those Whole Peppercorns?
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Well the pastrami is a pastraming and now I guess we will wait till moring to see how it comes out now. Night night and I will checkin later. All is good so far Ron
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Nice view did you move your recliner out there...see you in the morning...
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Dude, after you are done, I need your recipe. I have a new 40" MES that is up to the job, and I live in an area (BFE) that does not HAVE decent pastrami.
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what the heck ron... howd you get your lawn mower inside the mes??? LOLicon_mrgreen.gif

good looking strami to be man!!!
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Good idea Ron. I have been eyeballing a couple pastramis and a whole brisket that have been hanging out in the meat section of a local Safeway. Now I want them bad! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Can't wait to see the finished qview.
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Looks like you've got a good start, Ron. I thought you would be in Utah by nowicon_question.gif
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LOL----Good one erain!

Smoked rotary lawn mower now Ron ?????

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Heck erain, you know Ron, if it sits near the MES too long he figures a way to smoke it...icon_mrgreen.gif

Ron \the pastrami is looking good...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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If you can smoke cheetos then why not a lawnmower?

That's how you get it done Ron, cool breeze, beautiful view and some delicious strami PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great

Nice lookin pastrami Ron, and that is a helluva nice view you have points.gif
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RON WAKE UP!!! you got me hangin & starvin!!
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To the question about whole peppercorns, no, they are mustard seeds that were in the spice pack.

The lawmnower is coming along fine.icon_wink.gif

I put them back in as one was a little tough when I probed it. I'll let them braise for a bit and take them out.
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All done.

Just before covering in foil for the night.

Afer a braise.

Ready for slicing. Sure are juicy.
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great qview on the pastrami
great New Mexico view off your back porch...
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Pastrami Looks GREAT Ron------->>points.gif

Ditto on the Beautiful View---can't see any mountains here, only trees.

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Another master piece Ron....... as expected when I clicked to read.
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