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This is very similar to what I do. You have to be mindful not to mix the beef up too much while you are incorporating the spices, as the more you squeeze it and mix it, the tougher the end result will be.

If I have the time, I also smoke the burgers until they start to pick up a red color, then finish them on the grill for the grill marks and char. It's the best of both worlds!

I have also found that a very light dusting with fine ground black pepper after cooking really enhances the 'grilled over fire' taste - don't know why, though...
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I rarely do beefburgers anymore for this very reason. Well, that and I don't want to buy a grinder - nor pay butcher prices for ground meat. But when I do want to make burgers I go to the butcher.

I keep it simple, just a hint (NOT a pinch, that'd be waaaay too much) of salt and some fresh-cracked pepper. Over hardwood lump, with some mesquite chips. When burgers cook they tend to bulge in the middle, so when I form them I put a depression there so it evens out as it's cooking.
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I've been making burgers for a long time. Last night, I made the best burgers ever...wife and daughter agreed!

I bought a package of chuck roasts from Sams. Froze one (will smoke it next weekend).

Cubed up the other roast. Put the cubed chuck in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. Ground using our Kitchen Aid mixer and my new grinder attachment. Used the larger size grind (next time I'll try the smaller).

Made 6 nice sized burgers. Put a small "dimple" in the middle of each. I've heard that helps prevent them from bulging to much in the center. Sprinkled on a bit of Montreal Steak seasoning and kosher salt on each side. Fired up the gas grill, got nice and hot. Cooked until medium -- flipping only once.

Beyond a doubt THEE best burgers I have ever made at home. Cutting, grinding, etc. maybe added 20 minutes to prep time. WELL worth it I do believe. And there is something very cool about enjoying burgers you freshly ground.
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What my wife does is buy lean ground beef from our local butcher, add salt, pepper, garlic powder, some bread crumbs to bind it and some Vegeta seasoning.
My boys don't even want to go out for burgers anymore.
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I like to mix Italian dressing in it (along with other seasoning)... but the oil in it keeps them moist...
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You are probably really confused with what everyone is throwing at you.
Let me add to it.
I smoke my burgers.
I do add bread crumbs and sometimes I will add 1/4 lb sausage to 1 lb 81% lean burger.
I -may- dice up mushrooms and/or sweet onion and also mix in with the burger. It just all depends on what my taste buds are tellin me to go with that day. I've even put two patties together with sauted sweet onion and/or mushrooms between the patties. But the rubs is usually one of three: either cajun, kc or magik dust. I don't smother the burgers with these though. I just lightly to medium cover the burgers.
I smoke the at 250F until the internal temp is 160F.
I thought I had some pics but I don't. I'll make some up this week.
Hope this helps the confusion a little.

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I think every single comment so far is exactly on target. 80/20 (I like ground chuck), don't over work the meat, simple seasonings, HOT fire, one flip....they'll be better than those restaurants. I use my own steak seasoning on them, some people just like salt and pepper, or garlic salt. Experiment a little with the spices. LOVE a good burger
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Lots of good tips there^^^

I like to season the burger meat simple (cbp, kosher salt, garlic), and we love the cold smoke & sear for all the smaller meats here (chix pieces, steaks, chops, burgers, etc).

If you like a huge juicy burger, start with 6-8oz of 85/15 (min fat content) to 80/20. Form to at least 5" diameter...bigger is better. As it cooks, you know it will shrink, so allow for that. With a larger burger, it should be thick enough to probe for temps towards the end of the cooking, thus avoiding drying it out from overcooking.

With the cold smoked & seared method, try a very light smoke of hickory/cherry @ 110-120* for 45 minutes, then sear over a very hot fire to 160* IT, turning the meat only one time (after searing the bottom to sear the top). Rest the meat a few minutes before enjoying so the juices re-distribute. Don't poke at the meat or squeeze it with a spatula. I use this method with a charcoal kettle and it's killer eats every time.

I don't think it's so much about the type of equipment you cook it on as much as the methods used to cook the meat that really effects the final outcome.

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What do you guys usually buy and from where??

A bun can MAKE or BREAK a good burger IMO also.
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If you are cooking on a griddle, precook diced onions on the griddle and cook the burger on top of the onion bits and leftover juice from the onions. You can also mix diced onions into the pattys when you are making them. Five guys uses the onions on the griddle.
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i used to add a bunch of stuff to my burgers. it got so bad that the burgers patties wouldn't even hold together on the grill anymore. now, i just buy some 85/15, patty it out and season the outside. it's much better this way. less is more.
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If you do not plan on grinding yourself pick up a chuck roast and ask the butcher at the store to grind it for you. I like it ground twice. A chuck will give you an average 80/20 ratio. You can mix cuts with good results. Chuck and brisket, chuck and sirloin for a leaner burger that won't be too lean. Chuck and short ribs...The key is fresh ground. The texture will be looser. I like a 6 oz burger which for me is big enough to be decadent but is not too big. Nothing more than salt and pepper which I apply directly before the meat hits the heat. As others have said treat the meat gently and don't compress too much. I use to always do them on the grill but now do them in a cast iron skillet to medium. Even well done they will ooze juice like crazy.
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You are so right -eaglewing-. My smoked burgers don't do/fit very well with the normal burger buns. We have a local dognut shop that serves their own burgers at lunch on their own buns. These are what I buy.
So, I guess this is a senseless reply since I can't tell you where to buy and what to buy for your burgers. I'm goin back to bed...
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Kroger down here has a pretty good bakery, and I like getting Kaiser rolls for them....takes a great burger over the top! MMMMmmm!
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What he said. I'd find a good local butcher and buy your burger there. What most stores sell as burger isn't worth eating in my opinion. I'm kind of spoiled as we butcher our own. For ours we mix in salt and pepper. Put it on a hot grill, when you start seeing blood come out the top flip it once, cook until cooked through. Don't press the meat with the spatula as that will push the juice out. It's tough to have a superior finished product when you start with inferior ingredients. Good luck.
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I tried some of the tips on this thread and had the best burger from my grill. Had a long talk with the butcher about cuts and he told me that what they grind is better than grinding a chuck roast.

So I bought the grind they had and followed the tips on this thread and had grill at or around 450. Probably the hottest I have grilled anything and it worked great.

The burgers did puff up but they were very juicy and tender

I used course kosher salt and course ground pepper

thanks for the tips
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(Like others have mentioned in this thread) Use your thumb to make depression in the center of the burgers before you put them on the grill.

This will keep them from puffing up like a big fat wellfare burger.

think you can maybe see a depression in th 6 oclock position burger below...
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thanks gofish - will give that a try also
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This will keep them from puffing up like a big fat wellfare burger.


I DARE YOU! You know you remember this ............ pink dough ....
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I took a pic also

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