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Green onion sausage & oysters ABT's

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My first attemps at ABT's. I actually did twelve, however there were only two left by the time I grabbed my camera.

These were stuffed with green onion sausage and oysters mix. They were excellent.

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looks good hope you have the stuff to make more.
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Interesting choice of stuffings. icon_smile.gif
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nice twist, Id eat a few of those for sure.
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Very interesting combo did you take the gook out of the oysters? They look good !
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Did you make the large sausage? What kind is it ?
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Mandas green onion ,maybe???
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never thought of oysters before...Good idea. Could you taste the oysters??
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I didn't ever think of oysters either there chris so now I guess I'll have to fine some and make some Abt's. Like I need a reason to make them.
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That is what I am talking about! Very Cool!
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I cooked the green onion sausage and the oysters together for about 8 min. I cut up the oysters and then suffed the japs. The gook stayed in as that is where the flavor lies. Between the taste of the sausage and japs, there was a small taste of the oysters. All the flavors together were great.
Eman, the green onion sausage came from Vinny's, which is a local meat market. It's fantastic.
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I am looking for you to stuff some crawdads next. Great combo on the ABT's.
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Crawfish season is beginning to pick up with the weather warming. I ate some for Good Friday and we had a couple of pounds left over but didn't think about stuffing them in the ABT's. Next week that will be on the menu.
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