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ChisoxJim Korean Wings w/qview

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Ever since Jim posted pics of his Korean style chicken wings I've been dying to make them. So here is my shot at them.

rubbed and ready

into the smoker

transfered from the smoker to the grill to crisp them up

all sauced up

Overall all some of the best tasting wings I've ever had. My wife loved them as well. The great thing is I only used about half of the sauce and we've already been thinking of other things to use it on.

Thanks Jim for your recipe and the PM's!!!

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Looks damn good. Does jim have his receipe floating around this site anywhere, id love to try those.
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looks good, how bout posting that sauce recipe
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Here is the link to the original post by Jim.

The recipe is is in there if you scroll down aways.
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thanks abokol for the link! got it bookmarked, now we'll have to try em next week.
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no problem, enjoy!!!!
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Now those are some good looking wings you have there Abokol.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifThose look great. Thanks for posting the link as well.
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nice looking batch there, points.gif

I have some leftover koran sauce in my fridge from last time, I think I know what I am having this upcoming weekend.
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Oh yeah

Tasty lookin wings, great job points.gif
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Man those look great i might have to go get the stuff to make them tonight!
what kind of habenero hot sauce should i get? and are the sesame seeds toasted already? never looked for them
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I just happen to have had some habenero hotsauce around, "Datl Do It" brand. I think Jim used something different. i also used a different brad Sriracha than "Shark" as well.

Regardless, some Kick A-- wings. I took the rest of the bag out of the freezer the other day for smoking tomorrow.

Thanks Again Jim. Alot of folks seems to be on the Korean Wing kick.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I'm going to have to try making the Korean wings, those look real good!!
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all good, glad folks lik em', im doing a batch Sunday
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So you used a rub on them too? is that right? i got the stuff to make them just didn't know about the rub, i know sometimes too much is too much, i don't want to take away from the flavor of the sauce? i learned when i grill wings to make buffalo wings i don't put anything on them while i cook them now like garlic and onion powder because they really come out better without all that. I have a rub already made but wonder if i should use it?
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