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easter uds

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didnt have time to get a coat of paint on the new uds but it sure did turn out a mity fine lookin ham. hope it taste as good as it looks. pictures coming soon i hope. i have them on my computer just havnt figured out how to get them here yet. have to send them to photobucket i guess. there has to be an easier way. facebook isnt this difficult.
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i think i got it
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That's a nice looking big ole ham. icon_smile.gif
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Yep it sure is....
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Beautiful looking ham, made my mouth water, points.gif
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Now the smoker might be ugly but the ham does look yummy. I like it too and I'm glad you have figured out photobucket too.
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great looking ham
how much was that UDS?
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35.00 for the cheap bbq grill at the evil walmart, (for the lid and so forth). 10.00 for the extra grill (e.w.) everything else was just leftovers.
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of cours the drum was free as you can see. lol
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good job there
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you caught it thats the answer i was looking for
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