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Smoked Deviled Eggs

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So yesterday I got the idea to smoke some eggs read some very different ways to smoke them. This is the way I did it and it worked for me.

Put 8 eggs on the far side of the smoker away from the heat. Smoker Probe read 245ish most of the day. And i smoked them for just under 3 hours. I pealed one right way and wasn't very impressed. Let the other sit over night in the fridge and boy what a difference.

So the wife made deviled eggs.

Quick tip: wipe the knife off w/ a wet towel to keep the blade clean and mess down!

The eggs have a little bit of a yellowish tint to them now.

The filling:
spicy mustard, mayo, salt, pepper (we always mix to taste/consistancy)

Use a ziplock bag to help put mixture into egg halfs.

Garnish with some Smoked Paprika

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Love deviled eggs, those look great!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hmm - so did they really get good smoky flavor?

I love deviled eggs
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Looks great!

So let me get this straight----The first one didn't impress you, so you didn't do anything else to the others, except put them in the fridge in their shells, and that made them better? Do I have that right?

BTW: The smoking makes them look like Duck eggs---LOL.

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I ate it stright off the smoker and couldn't really taste any hint of the smoking. But after letting them rest they had a very mild smoked flavor to them. Probly b/c I was around the smell and use to it. Wonder if you were to smoke them w/ out the shell if that would had more flavor or dry them out?
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Well if you leave the eggs in the refrig over night the flavor gets to miggle and become more promoldent. I really like to make deviled eggs with them or even eggs salad is really good to.
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Thumbs up

I love deviled eggs, I'm gonna have to try these. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the pics. My Family loves deviled eggs. Have to try it the next time.
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We had deviled eggs today, next time I wm going to try that
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I wonder how the smoke would permeate the egg shells. Not saying it didn't i just always thought it was solid.
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Steel Reserve 211, WOOHOO! icon_mrgreen.gif
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