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My first ABT's and the last.....

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The last time I fix just 18 of them. Those are off the hook.
Stuffed with cream cheese, shredded cheddar and mozzarella, and bacon bits.

Loaded up on the UDS.

Took 'em off about 2 hrs. Went for the camera and in 5 minutes this what was left.

I will have to buy another rack and fill them completely up.
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Looks good! I'd use more bacon though.
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That is the way I am going to do mine next time. You got to cook them with a gun on your hip...
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Ha, ha, ha

That's awesome, well you know they liked them, good job points.gif
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Now that happens to my Abt's all the time too. Next time just go out and buy a 5-gal bucket of the japs and you will have enough then. I personally like mine cut the boat style and then you can wrap the whole thing with some thin sliced bacon. Thats just my pennies.
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my family loves them too, I get mine when I take them off to avoid never getting any lol
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