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Breast up, down, or a little of both?

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I'm doing 2 birds with the spatchcock method today. They've been brined overnight and I'm wondering if I should cook breast down for awhile then flip, or if I should leave breast up the whole time since it's split open. Any thoughts?
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up is fine..........that's how i do it.
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I also do mine up
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Thanks for the help everyone! That's what I love about this place!
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I would go with it up, it will make a nice presentation without grill marks.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Just a thought. I have always grilled with my breasts down so that the juices flow downward through the breast, thereby keeping it juicy. I have not grilled chicken in quite some time since coming here. I don't know how that would work for a smoke.

I have seen & heard posts where placing bacon across the breasts while they are turned up will help keep the breast meat juicy. You might want to consider this when you do your smoke. Good luck.
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from my experience with breasts, the younger ones are always up and the older ones start going down
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I'ma breast up kind of guy myself.
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Birdman, If you lift the skin on the breast and take some butter and rub under the skin, it will keep it moist. I smoked a chicken yesterday (beer can) and I injected it with a mixture of butter, salt, pepper and some cajum spices. When I cut into the breast, the injection liquid just ran out and it was one of the most moist chickens I have cooked. caveman also suggested to put strips of bacon across the breast and I can say that also works, however I prefer to inject. I used to brine all my chickens, but I don't find there is any advantage when you inject. Just my opinion.
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or you could just stick a can in the but and keep it standing up.
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