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Saturday shoulder smoke

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I came home Friday and found a pair of shoulder roasts in the frig

My wife says maybe you can smoke these on Saturday with a big grin
she,her sister's family, and a friend's family are off to Nags Head next week while I am stuck home working and she wants to take the pulled pork.
Rubbed with Jeff's rub and wraped to frig and waiting for morning

out at 170 deg foiled at back to the smoker

the smaller was out at 10 hours 205 deg. the other was just at 12 hours

let it rest about and hour then pulled, had a problem my bark was turning up missing could not keep everyone out of the kitchen

This afternoon I get to make some sauce for here to take.
Thanks for looking.
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Great problem to have in my opinion! Great looking shoulders!
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Awesome looking PP...Great job!!!!!!!
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Wish I could come home & "Find" shoulders in my Frig. Great looking shoulders, before & after the smoke. Nice size on them. Great looking bark. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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