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First Butt

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do I trim any of the fat off ?
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You may if you want too, I leave mine on but have heard others that do trim the cap some.
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Some folks do, but I have done many butts and never had trimmed them.
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I like to leave the fat cap on and have found for me it enhaces the flavor and keeps the pork moist. Everyone has their own ideas and ways of doing it tho....icon_mrgreen.gif
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i never do untill after it's cooked...................i do score it though.
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I very seldom trim a butt at all till I'm done smoking it and I'm starting to pull it.
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I normally leave it on and place the fat cap side on the grate. People do it different ways and have different ideas about it but I personally feel that if its down it allows better bark formation and it provides protection for the meat in case the grate gets too hot for some reason. I suggest doing one or two then start playing with different ways of doing them until you find whats suits you the best
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I left it all on rubbed it all down and wrapped it up in seran wrap and its in the frig till Tuesday earley AM. I cant do it Sunday or Monday.
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Ive done both....I usually trim mine more often than not but i dont trim it all off only if is a bunch
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unless there is a bunch, I don't trim cause there's not that much on it. a ham or shoulder I would, its pretty thick and covers most of the meat not allowing smoke to penetrate.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Since you left it on, you may want to smoke it with the fat cap up, to allow the juices to flow downward adding to the moistness of the butt. Also, for future reference, if it is not a heavy fat cap, then just leave it on. Once your butt is done, to me, it is easy to pull that fat out of that moist meat. You will see what I mean. Now, I expect qview on Tuesday. icon_smile.gif
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I start with the fat cap on top first then flip it and get some bark then foil it. icon_smile.gif
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OK no matter how it turns out I am going to show it. You know I have cooked meat all of my life but never new this type of system existed...I like it..
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