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new in this word of smoking question about a smoker

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hi everyone my name i enrique iam from mexico ...excuse my spelling...
iam new in the world of smoking meat ..i live in matamoros tamaulipas border of brownsville texas..some person is building me a smoker but I have I think that the smoke box is to high i dont know you think it will work? this is the picture of my smoker still in process
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Hello and welcome to SMF. That is one BIG picture you have there!
I am not a welder/builder but I too think that the fire box is sitting too high. Others will be along soon to help.
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I think it is too high. Maybe drop it about half of that size?
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Welcome to SMF and yes I believe the firebox is way to high it needs to be below cooking grate level. Please resize pictures to no more than 640 x 480 so they fit in the window and people don't have to scroll to see them when you post them
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iam sorry about the picture its fix ....what will happen whit the fire box in that level
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I am thinking that your smoke & heat will enter into the meat chamber, up along the top & right out of your smoker. You will burn more fuel & / or not get the smoke type meats you want.

Oh....Welcome to SMF. Enjoy your stay.
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First off welcome to SMF Enrique. You need to lower the fire box for the heat will just run right accross your meat or what ever you are trying to smoke and run right out the chimmey. Now you want like Pineywoods says below the grates that you will be putting your food on.
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Bienvenida Enrique,

Looks like a good start to a great smoker, as it has been pointed out your fire box is too high and since you will have to remove it, why not consider putting it behind and lower on the smoke chamber, cutting off the back legs and welding them onto the back of the firebox would make it more stable and would give you more surface for the opening between the firebox and the smoker.

Welcome to the SMF and our passion for smoking meats, looking forward to watching the progress on your smoker.
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Welcome to the SMF Enrique, We are glad to have you onboard
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Welcome to smf
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