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Waterfowl Hunters

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Can someone help me identify this (duck)? A mating pair showed up at my pond a week or so ago and I've never seen one of them. We have lots of mallards and the occasional cinnamon teal but I'm not familiar with this one. Thanks.

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wood duck.....
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Ha. We hope for mallards around here and all we get locally is wood ducks.
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You mean like this?biggrin.gif

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Nice shot Keith. We get a few pair of woodies every year but mostly mallards and canada's
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Yeah, Dan, I chase the Canadas out of here with my pellet gun. It takes a couple of weeks of persuasion, but I don't want 10-15 of those things crapping all around the pond. We put up with that for a couple of years, but it's way too close to the house.biggrin.gif BTW, thanks Fresh Meat for the ID.
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Oh snap! If this is your 'pond' I am jealous.
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Yes, that's just part of it though. Let me see if I have another pic. Here's on of the South half. Heck of a wind and rainstorm to boot.

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Pretty far north for pink flamingo's.
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I thought I had shot all of them too, but as soon as spring showed, so did the dam flamingos.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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LOL, We have to chase the Canadas away from my son's pond too, because his Newfi jumps in after them. He's getting old, and if he goes in the pond, his coat absorbs about 30 pounds of water, making it real hard for him to get out of the pond!

Nice pic of the Wood Duck,
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